Web Design.

I generally work with WordPress-based websites but I have working knowledge of html, php, javascript and css coding. I have also created dynamic websites usingin php/mysql and this site represents my first foray into a static web framework using Hugo.

For less elegant examples see the php, python & coding section


This site is based on the Hugo static website framework. It was built from scratch and features custom shortcodes, templates and data-driven galleries.

Reading With a Pencil was originally a standard-template wordpress site hosted on It was built as a professional author site and featured blog entries and book reviews.

I rebuilt it as a Hugo site — now hosted on Netlify and maintained updated via GitHub.

Wordpress is a Wordpress site with a theme completely custom built from the ground up to be clean and simple. It serves as a blog, code repository and aggregates weekly instagram and twitter posts and auto posts them. , another Wordpress site, uses a customized stock theme and serves a home base for a sailing blog.


Boat Log

The Boat Log is a custom built php/mysql website utilizing the Bootstrap front-end open source toolkit.

It features a secure back end for editing log entries, auto-links to Google maps, and aggregated mileage data for crew.